Light from the windows reflecting on the pillars

Light from the windows reflecting on the pillars

Whenever I have mentioned York everyone has always told me how beautiful it is and last weekend I found out they really weren’t doing it justice! Despite it being horribly cold, the sun was shining and we were lucky enough to see the Minster in all it’s glory (if you didn’t look at a few patches of scaffolding). It was one of the windiest days of the year but as soon as you stepped inside it was silent and as if the weather did not exist. For a building so old it has been impeccably maintained and the conservation work continues on the large stained glass window on the South side.

Stepping back out into the cold, I spent the rest of the day exploring the maze of streets in the Museum Quarter. I never realised York has such a strong link to confectionery, practically every second shop is a sweet shop! I must admit The Shambles weren’t as nice to look at as I expected and far busier, but nonetheless the range of quirky shops entertained me for ages and I had the best lunch on any trip so far! York is definitely a city I would love to go back to when it’s warmer and I’m not stressing about minibuses and students!



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